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Silent Disco

Jandakot FC Club Rooms

JANDAKOT JETS SILENT DISCO RETURNS FOR ANOTHER YEAR! Kick off 7.30pm! Please respect the headsets - you will be responsible for any damages! Follow the link to purchase your ticket:...


Ladies Day

Jandakot FC Club Rooms

IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN - LADIES DAY! It's time to get the wives, girlfriends, mothers, sisters and all of our fantastic female supporters together to celebrate. This will...


Team Challenge

Jandakot FC Club Rooms

The annual Team Challenge event is back for 2023! Dust of those Jordans, prepare them NBA singlets and grab your ticket to one of the seasons greatest events. Strictly 40...


Jandakot Cup

Jandakot FC Club Rooms

JANDAKOT'S NIGHT OF NIGHTS! Time to dust of those suits, buy a new dress and book your hair dresser in. As always a full race card with the winners lining...



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Atwell Reserve, Brenchley Drive, Atwell WA.


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